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Sponsored Brief/How nail biting can affect your teeth

Dec 06, 2018

Many people bite their fingernails when they are nervous or even just out of habit.

The problem is that your nails are hard, and so are your teeth.  So, biting nails will soon wear your teeth down and eventually cause them to chip.   Your nails will grow again, but tooth enamel will never grow back!

So, biting fingernails will permanently damage your teeth.  Not to mention the icky bacteria that grows under your nails (like E. Coli … yuck!).

At Stellar Kids Dentistry, we have strategies to help kids stop this habit.  Trimming nails short every week, and helping identify triggers are big helps.

But, probably the most effective way we have found is a one-on-one chat between our doctors and your child.  Once kids are more aware of their nail biting and its consequences, they often stop on their own!

Give us a call at 425-381-4990 and we would love to chat!

- Paul Kahlon, DMD

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