A narcissistic White House Christmas story

Nov 30, 2017

Can you imagine this?  President Donald Trump showing up at one of his non-fake news press conferences to use his Merry Christmas greeting time wearing his family’s supportive a-Gala.

As the television focus on our Electoral College elected leader, and with President Andrew Jackson original portrait hanging on the wall to his left, the “Make America Great Again” is approaching his sacred Oval Office desk to address the world.

As our 45th does so, the Christmas celebration audience cannot but be taken back by our nations CEO wearing apparently one of his daughter Ivanka’s overly priced fashionable leather NASCAR colorful looking jacket. Then as the camera lenses enlarges Trump’s upper torso we become even more aghast by what we are seeing. Because all over Ivanka’s animal skinned jacket are several business emblems, which are now over shadowing the president’s face.

As he sits at one of our prior president’s desk, Trump is shown about to sign Executive Order number 13, however his world stage is more in tuned to the 20 or so Trademark jacket’s emblems which are advertising Trump’s Tower, Melania’s fashions and Ivanka’s businesses. Yet, one can also identify, although much smaller in circumference the many other pro-Trump companies’ patches and one enterprise being L.L. Bean’s.

This Trump advertising billboard unscrews the top of his ink pen and using his hieroglyphic signature signs Executive Order number 13, which mandates that only the Trump symbols must be sewed onto any clothing entering into the USA.  Along with this an attached tag must read, “Cleared by a Trump Enterprise and are tax free. Any other products will be classified as subversive and are not real USA attire.”

Vetting is the process of performing a background check on someone in order to be sure the person is “useful” to the USA and this must be completed before awarding a non-citizen entrance into the USA!

A major part of the new vetting process will be for our border agents to religiously check the clothing labels of all apparel to be sure they are all Trump tabbed. This must be accomplished before a person is finally vetted and thus cleared to enter into Trump’s USA.

Then our “God given” best ever job maker had another Executive Order on his sanctified desk, which he too signed. 13(b) gives permission, for THOSE people going into the vetting room a “choice” to purchase any of the Trump’s family clothing apparel. 13(b) order further states “A full line of his daughter’s, Ivanka, and his wife’s, Melania, clothing will be displayed at all vetting facilities.” So it would be especially helpful in ones’ vetting process that she or he purchases a Trump modified NASCAR overpriced leather jacket, with as many pro Trump company slogans on it as can be attached.

Along with this “Make Trump Great Again” NASCAR jacket there will also be many of the president’s wife’s and daughters’ “amazing” dresses, coats, skirts, jewelry etc.

Even with the TRUMP Jacket being bodily displayed a person will still have to pass an extremely modified John Adams Sedition Act test.

The 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts consisted of four bills passed by the Federalist-dominated 5th United States Congress and signed into law by President John Adams. The Act made it harder for an immigrant to become a US citizen. Then a portion of the bill allowed Adams to imprison and deport non-citizens who were deemed dangerous or who were from a hostile country. Adams’ law didn’t end there since the 1798 Act also criminalized the making of “false statements” that were critical of the federal government.

In other words, those who supported anti-John Adams “fake type news” were imprisoned.

So vetters should remember to dress for success. Under Trump’s administration, it would be a violation of the Sedition Act violation if you are not wearing only pro-Trump attire. Nor will you pass the mandates under the 2017 Trump Alien and Sedition Act if you say anything disparagingly about Ivanka’s business.

Nay, if you say anything contradictory about any of Trump’s family’s enterprises you will not be allowed to enter into Trumpland.

Donald’s takeover of the people’s White House reminds me of Jack Frost commercially taking over the North Pole as depicted in Tim Allen and Martin Short’s “Santa Claus Three” movie.

It’s sad, very sad, that THE PEOPLE’S rental, the White House, has become just another place that is pushing the Trump’s family named merchandise.

Darn right many believe that due to Trump’s policies he earned his large black lump of coal. But for our president and others fans of the “clean” coal industry, this year’s Christmas offering will be well received.

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