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Broker Shellie Adolfson builds reputation with professionalism, integrity

May 04, 2018
Real Estate broker Shellie Adolfson, outside Windermere’s Mill Creek Town Center office, has built success through positive word-of-mouth referrals over the years, with a reputation for professionalism, integrity and service.

From your community newspaper to Madison Avenue, savvy businesspeople understand the value of advertising. But successful entrepreneurs know nothing beats positive word-of-mouth.

That’s how Windermere Real Estate broker Shellie Adolfson has built a reputation for professionalism, integrity and service since she entered the profession in 2011.

Add guts to that description. She went into the field in the midst of the housing bubble bust, just as thousands of other real estate agents were fleeing the industry. “I was doing a lot of short sales in the beginning,” she admitted.

Yet, everything she had been doing up to that point confirmed she had made the right decision. “I had been buying homes, redoing them and selling them,” she said. She loves redesigning homes, and has the eye for it.

But she and her husband, Andy, deputy fire chief for the city of Bellevue, were raising five kids, and constant moves from home to home weren’t conducive to raising a healthy family. So working in real estate was a logical next step for her.

And Shellie found her dream job. “I love real estate,” she noted. “I love helping people find their dream home.”

Of course, the market has changed considerably since those dark days when housing prices were plunging and sellers couldn’t find qualified buyers. Today, prices are soaring, and buyers are plentiful, but the inventory shelf is bare.

Shellie has the skill set to work in that challenging environment, starting with the advantage of previous clients returning when they’re ready for another move as well as referring their friends to her.

“I have a strong relationship with my clients,” she remarked. “The vast majority have become close friends.”

Organized and disciplined, Shellie is known for her highly ethical, moral standards, always putting her clients’ interests first, whether she’s representing them as buyers or sellers. “I have their best interests at heart,” she said.

Of course, buyers’ and sellers’ interests sometimes clash, but Shellie is able to bridge those differences while working toward win-win solutions.

Sellers, for example, are often baby boomers whose children have grown up and moved out, and are now ready to downsize. They’ve been watching home sales in their neighborhood, and have a feeling for what they think they should get for their house.

“Sellers don’t realize their home needs work – painting, carpet, new flooring. They’ll say, ‘My neighbor’s house up the street sold for a million dollars, and it has the same square footage,’” Shellie observed. “But they don’t realize that house was completely updated.”

Many of today’s buyers, on the other hand, are millennials looking for their first home. “They want to buy a home that’s move-in ready. They want granite countertops, and remodeled bathrooms and kitchens,” Shellie noted. They’re less interested in putting in the “sweat equity” accepted as part of the deal by previous generations.

Shellie takes the time and has the knowledge to show both sides a realistic route to a successful deal.

“For sellers, I recommend a pre-listing inspection, which helps eliminate offer contingencies,” she advised.

“Buyers, on the other hand, need to be ready for a bidding war, and be willing to make a really strong offer.” For them, she recommends a pre-offer inspection if the sellers don’t already have one, to reduce the number of contingencies in their offer, which is appealing to sellers.

Because inventory is low and buyers are numerous, if sellers are able to get a bridge loan, that’s a huge plus. If not, they should probably be ready to move into temporary housing, Shellie noted.

Whether she represents the buyer or the seller, Shellie is focused on how to best represent her client. “If they’re a seller, I’ll get them the best price possible,” she promised. “If they’re a buyer, I try to get the purchase price reduced.

“Either way, I’m negotiating for them.”

Her success is evident in her many referrals. “Many times I’ve been able to secure a home when there were many offers,” she revealed. “You have to be able to think outside the box.”

It helps, too, Shellie said, that she is a Windermere agent. “I like its reputation. We’re more like a family here,” she observed. “There are a lot of companies where they’re competing with each other.

“But here, if anyone has a question, they always have someone willing to help.”

As a leader in the industry, Windermere provides the latest technology, marketing and educational programs available. Shellie feels fortunate to be part of a company whose philosophy is based on fairness and honesty.

While she works out of the Mill Creek office, she represents buyers and sellers from Seattle to the Eastside to Everett. In fact, she works throughout the greater Puget Sound region.

At the end of the workday, she returns to her own home in Mill Creek where her family has set down roots. “I have kids who play sports here. I help out with schools, PTA, volleyball, booster club… I love Mill Creek. It’s a great place to live and work,” she confessed.

Want to work with her or learn more? Shellie Adolfson’s office is at 18323 Bothell Everett Hwy., Suite 210, Bothell. Her cell: 206-605-4318. Email: sadolfson@windermere.com, and website: http://shellieadolfson.com/

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