Capital Improvement Plan approved with only minor changes

Council gives final blessing to almost $20 million in projects over six years
By Dan Aznoff | Nov 01, 2018

With small changes to the language in the measure, members of the Mill Creek City Council voted to include 27 projects with a projected cost of just under $20 million into the city’s biennial budget.


The council voted 7-0 to approve more than two-dozen improvements to the infrastructure during its last meeting of the month on Tuesday, Oct. 27. The 27 projects represent an investment of $19,270,140 over the next six years.


The final document was essentially the same CIP approved b the council earlier in October. The only changes, according to Councilmember Jared Mead, were made in the wording of the proposal to make it more conducive for residents of Mill Creek.

“The only changes we made to the final document were to clarify some of the wording,” Mead told The Beacon following the meeting.


Under the current guidelines, the city is required to include all projects projected to cost more than $25,000. City officials have suggested raising the minimum amount to reflect the growing needs of the city.


“The Capital Improvement Plan allows the city to plan responsibly for infrastructure projects and funding,” said Mayor Pam Pruitt. “Our six-year plan is flexible enough to allow for change depending on future economic conditions, funding opportunities and economic priorities.”


The CIP includes:


  • A pavement preservation program to sequence and address pavement conditions throughout the city.


  • A corridor improvement study to enhance economic vitality along Mill Creek Blvd.


  • A surface water aging infrastructure program to address the increased need for the Surface Water Utility.


  • Replacement of turf and lighting at Mill Creek Sports Park.


Copies of the 2019-2024 CIP are available online at


The council also voted to give preliminary approval to the recommendation from Interim City Manager Bob Stowe to increase traffic mitigation fees from $3,000 to $3,900. Final approval is expected at the council’s next regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Mitigation fees are paid by developers based on the impact an increased population would have on public roads. Funds from the mitigation fees have been earmarked for eight projects in the city at a projected cost of almost $40 million.

The fee structure is based on trips that begin and end in the city within a single city-wide zone. The rate is base on surveys that indicated more than 36 percent of the vehicular trips that utilize roadways in Mill Creek end somewhere outside city limits.

According to cost breakdowns available from the state, the city’s share of the construction projects would be 42 percent, or approximately $16.77 million.

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