Cascade Conference announces spring all-league teams

Jul 07, 2017
Photo by: David Pan Archbishop Murphy's Anfernee Gurley earned first-team, all-Cascade Conference boys track and field honors along with Raymond Pimental, Paul Schireman and Max Kelleher in the 400 relay.

Archbishop Murphy, the three-time defending 2A state boys soccer champions, dominated the spring Cascade Conference honors.

Senior Matt Williams was named the Offensive Player of the year and Diego Rios was voted the Defensive Player of the Year. Mike Bartley was named the Coach of the year.

Senior forward Jensen Crisler, senior midfielder Sam Johnson and senior defender Ryan Henderson earned first-team recognition.

In boys track and field, first-team recognition went to Archbishop Murphy’s Max Kelleher (400), Chris Reynaud (pole vault), Martini Napeahi (shot put, discus), Barret Floyd (javelin) and the 400 relay team of Raymond Pimental, Anfernee Gurley, Paul Schireman and Kelleher. Archbishop Murphy’s Holly Sudol earned first-team, girls track and field honors in the high jump.

Archbishop Murphy’s Jack McClincy earned boys golf medalist honors and Steve Shih was a first-team honoree.

Archbishop Murphy infielder Austin Hauck and Connor O’Brien and outfielder Clolin Montez were voted to the first team in baseball.

Archbishop Murphy’s Lexie Klaudt and Mackenzie Treece earned first-team recognition in softball.

Cascade Conference

Boys soccer

Offensive Player of the Year: Matt Williams, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Defensive Player of the Year: Diego Rios, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Coach of the Year: Mike Bartley, Archbishop Murphy

First team

Forwards: Roma Billing, King’s, jr.; Jensen Crisler, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Midfielders: Jared McInnes, King’s, sr.; Josh Morehead, Sultan, sr.; Chase Bolin, Cedarcrest, sr.; Sam Johnson, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Defenders: Omar Valera, Sultan, sr.; Sam Cole, Cedarcrest, sr.; Ryan Henderson, Archbishop Murphy, sr.; Nathan Dawkins, Cedarcrest, fr.; Lake Smith, South Whidbey, jr.

Goalkeeper: Connor McCabe, Cedarcrest, soph.

Second team

Forwards: Alden Massey, Cedarcrest, jr.; Jack Van Dyke, King’s, sr.

Midfielders: Keaton Wyers, Archbishop Murphy, sr.; Atley Shapiro, King’s, jr.; Max Cassee, South Whidbey, sr.; Chase Whittaker, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Defenders: Blake Dorney, King’s, sr.; Freddi Martinez, Sultan, soph.; Jacob Snider, Archbishop Murphy, sr.; Mitchell Lovell, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Goalkeeper: Juan Cerna-Sanchez, Sultan, sr.

Boys track and field

First team

100: Caleb Perry, King’s, sr.; Caden Spear, South Whidbey, soph.

200: Caleb Perry, King’s, sr.; Daylin Pierce, Granite Falls, soph.

400: Max Kelleher, Archbishop Murphy, jr.

800: Ryan Abdalla, CPC-Bothell, sr.

1,600: Ryan Abdalla, CPC-Bothell, sr.

3,200: Grant Van Valkenburg, Cedarcrest, jr.

110 hurdles: Kristopher Dixon, South Whidbey, soph.

300 hurdles: Gunnar Schultz, Cedarcrest, sr.

400 relay: Raymond Pimental, jr., Anfernee Gurley, sr., Paul Schireman, sr., Max Kelleher, jr., Archbishop Murphy; Brennon Blevins, jr., Silas Newby, jr., Nii Engmann, jr., Caleb Perry, sr., King’s

1,600 relay: Ryan Abdalla, sr., Owen Balthis, sr., Andrew Britton, sr., Matthew Schaefer, jr., CPC-Bothell; Brennon Blevins, jr., Nikko McNeal, fr., Nii Engmann, jr., Caleb Perry, sr., King’s

High jump: Chewy Zevenbergen, King’s, sr.; Nikko McNeal, King’s, fr.

Long jump: Silas Newby, King’s, jr.

Triple jump: Peter Kulits, King’s, jr.

Pole vault: Chris Reynaud, Archbishop Murphy, sr.; Luke Wicks, King’s, sr.

Shot put: Martin Napeahi, Archbishop Murphy, jr.

Discus: Martin Napeahi, Archbishop Murphy, jr.

Javelin: Barret Floyd, Archbishop Murphy, jr.

Second team

100: Michael Gabelein, King’s, fr.

200: Michael Gabelein, King’s, fr.

400: Michael Gabelein, King’s, fr.

800: Matt Jackson, King’s, sr.; Ian Fay, Cedarcrest, sr.

1,600: Ian Fay, Cedarcrest, sr.

3,200: Ben Benson, Cedarcrest, jr.

110 hurdles: Camry Zaffram, Sultan, jr.

300 hurdles: Pierce Papke, King’s, soph.

400 relay: Nash McCarroll, sr., Issiah Gonzales, fr., Caden Spear, soph., Matthew Simmons, soph., South Whidbey

1,600 relay: Matthew Simmons, soph., Callahan Yale, soph., Caden Spear, soph., Kristopher Dixon, soph., South Whidbey

High jump: Issiah Gonzalex, South Whidbey, fr.

Long jump: Brennon Blevins, King’s, jr.

Triple jump: Silas Newby, King’s, jr.

Pole vault: Romey Rohde, South Whidbey, jr.

Shot put: Samuel Van Peursem, CPC-Bothell, soph.

Discus: Samuel Van Peursem, CPC-Bothell, soph.

Javelin: Owen Boram, South Whidbey, soph.

Girls track and field

First team

100: Bailey Forsyth, South Whidbey, sr.

200: Tayla Weaver, Cedarcrest, sr.

400: Brianna Devereaux, Cedarcrest, sr.

800: Elizabeth Donnelly, South Whidbey, jr.

1,600: Naomi Smith, King’s, fr.

3,200: Naomi Smith, King’s, fr.

110 hurdles: Sofia Nielsen, South Whidbey, jr.

300 hurdles: Lila McCleary, South Whidbey, fr.; Emma Culberson, King’s, soph.

400 relay: Karyna Hezel, fr., Alexandra Kurtz, soph., Mikayla Hezel, jr., Bailey Forsyth, sr., South Whidbey

800 relay: Cassie Collinge, sr., Sam Leitzke, sr., Grace Rinaldi, fr., Dayana Diaz, fr., Granite Falls

1,600 relay: Bailey Forsyth, sr., Alison Papritz, fr., Mallory Drye, fr., Elizabeth Donnelly, jr., South Whidbey

High jump: Holly Sudol, Archbishop Murphy, soph.; Maddie Nielsen, King’s, sr.

Long jump: Briana Devereaux, Cedarcrest, sr.

Triple jump: Sophia Nielsen, South Whidbey, jr.

Pole vault: Kelsey Bassett, Granite Falls, jr.

Shot put: Hayley Hansen, Granite Falls, sr.; Nicole Jacobson, King’s, sr.

Discus: Grace Wright, Sultan, jr.; Tirzah Pilet, King’s, sr.

Javelin: Judy Amaral, Cedarcrest, sr.

Second team

100: Tayla Weaver, Cedarcrest, sr.

200: Bailey Forsyth, South Whidbey, sr.

400: Lauren Krause, Cedarcrest, soph.

800: Tia Asher, Archbishop Murphy, soph.

1,600: Sophia Morgan, South Whidbey, sr.

3,200: Sophia Morgan, South Whidbey, sr.

110 hurdles: Cienna Dumaoal, CPC-Bothell, soph.; Emma Culberson, King’s, soph.

300 hurdles: Abby McKenzie, Cedarcrest, soph.

400 relay: Leah Chu, jr., Claire Doud, soph., Tia Asher, soph., Holly Sudol, soph., Archbishop Murphy

800 relay: Alison Papritz, fr., Mallory Drye, fr., Lila McCleary, fr., Ahnika Burt, fr., South Whidbey

1,600 relay: Lauren Krause, soph., Kate Vergillo, jr., Madi Shinn, sr., Abby McKenzie, soph., Cedarcrest

High jump: Claire Sorgen, Sultan, jr.

Long jump: Sophia Nielsen, South Whidbey, jr.

Triple jump: Maddalyn Massena, Granite Falls, sr.

Pole vault: Maddie Nielsen, King’s, sr.

Shot put: Ellie Gaenz, King’s, fr.

Discus: Hayley Hansen, Granite Falls, sr.

Javelin: Maddy Cunningham, CPC-Bothell, sr.

Boys golf

Medalist: Jack McClincy, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

First team: Steven VanValkenburg, Cedarcrest, sr.; Anton Klein, South Whidbey, sr.; Grayson Giboney, King’s, soph.; Steve Shih, Archbishop Murphy, sr.; Dillon Wallace, CPC-Bothell, sr.

Second team: Tyler Aamold, Sultan, jr.; Thorin Helmersen, South Whidbey, sr.; Fulton Brawner, Archbishop Murphy, jr.; Ian Saunsacie, South Whidbey, sr.; Hunter Morgan, CPC-Bothell, jr.; Matthew Pabisz, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Girls golf

Medalist: Kolby Heggenes, South Whidbey, jr.

First team: Casey Spurr, Cedarcrest, jr.; Emily Turpin, South Whidbey, sr.; Riley Yale, South Whidbey, sr.; Emily Burdett, King’s, jr.; Shelby Svedberg, Cedarcrest, sr.

Second team: Holland Seaoms, Cedacrest, sr.; Emma Legget, South Whidbey, soph.; Amanda Mai, Archbishop Murphy, jr.; Ava Mason, King’s, fr.; Chloe Johnson, South Whidbey, soph.; Emma Tumbleson, CPC-Bothell, soph.; Kaleigh Carroll, Cedarcrest, jr.


Player of the Year: Michael Attalah, CPC-Bothell, sr.

Coach of the Year: Matt Stevens, CPC-Bothell

First team

Pitchers: Aaron Davenport, Cedacrest, jr.; Jack Flynn, CPC-Bothell, sr.; Will Simms, South Whidbey, sr.

Catcher: Rudy Engstrom, Granite Falls, sr.

Infielders: Connor Antich, South Whidby, sr.; Turner Glenn, CPC-Bothell, sr.; Austin Hauck, Archbishop Murphy, jr.; Connor O’Brien, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Outfielders: Tyler Gray, Cedarcrest, soph.: Luke Lampe, CPC-Bothell, soph.: Colin Montez, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Utility: Jordan Heppner, Granite Falls, sr.


Offensive Player of the Year: Elaine Townley, Cedarcrest, jr.

Defensive Player of the Year: Mackenzee Collins, South Whidbey, jr.

Coaches of the Year: Alexandra Goheen, South Whidbey; Gary Damron, Cedarcrest

First team: Maddie Nixon, Cedarcrest, sr.; Taylor Ardnt, Grantie Falls, sr.; Dannica West, Granite Falls, sr.; Cheyenne Nelson, CPC-Bothell, jr.; Michaela Carter, Cedarcrest, soph.; Morgan Brown, Cedarcrest, fr.; Kacie Hanson, South Whidbey, sr.; Bethany Kirkpatrick, Sultan, sr.; Lexie Klaudt, Archbishop Murphy, soph.; Mackenzie Treece, Archbishop Murphy, sr.

Second team

Jillian Zachry, Granite Falls, soph.; Rebekah Merrow, South Whidbey, jr.; Karlie Fox, Cedarcrest, jr.; Cassidy Dereig, Cedarcrest, jr.; Brooke Jordan, Archbihop Murphy, fr.; Kylie Fazio, CPC-Bothell, sr.; Sydney Beckett, Cedarcrest, jr.; Aria Ludtke, South Whidbey, sr.; Alyssa Anderson, CPC-Bothell, sr.; Angelina Pierpoint, CPC-Bothell, fr.; Grace Low, Sultan, sr.; Huntter Lingle, Granite Falls, sr.


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