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Council seeks outside help to secure a new city manager

Interim city manager says an ethical leader is needed to restore public confidence
By Dan Aznoff | Oct 18, 2018

Two days before he was arrested on charges of Unlawful Imprisonment and Domestic Violence, Interim Mill Creek City Manager Bob Stowe recommended the City Council should engage with an executive search firm to recruit “a leader with the highest ethical standards and integrity to restore public confidence.”

Stowe said the specific language was necessary in the RFP (Request For Proposal) in light of the number of administrators that the city has been through in the past several years.

“The City Council is very supportive of the Council-Manager form of government despite multiple city managers over the past decade that have not been successful,” Stowe explained to the council at its regular meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Stowe explained he used the word unsuccessful in the RFP due to the fact the city has been unable to retain a city manager for longer than three years.

The interim city manager was released from custody after his wife explained that she had never wanted her husband arrested during a hearing in District Court on Monday morning, Oct. 15. Stowe’s wife told the judge that she called the police after she feared an argument had gotten out of control.

According to a spokesperson for the district court, the hearing did result in a No Contact Order being issued by the judge. The Mill Creek administrator spent the weekend in the Snohomish County Jail after the arrest at the couple’s home on Friday morning, Oct. 12.

In a response to rumors and unsubstantiated claims regarding the interim city manager, the city of Mill Creek issued this statement on Tuesday, Oct. 16:

The City of Mill Creek is aware of the personal events of Oct. 12 pertaining to Interim City Manager Bob Stowe. In court proceedings on Oct. 15, the complainant withdrew all charges against Mr. Stowe. At this time, the City is continuing to monitor Mr. Stowe’s situation. However, his relationship with the City of Mill Creek currently has not changed.

Stowe served as city manager for Mill Creek from 1995 until 2005. He currently owns a consulting firm that focuses on economic development strategies. He has committed to remain in the interim position until it is filled. Stowe has indicated that he is not interested applying for the permanent position.

The administrator was brought back this spring to manage City Hall after Rebecca Polizzotto was placed on administrative leave after a second whistleblower complaint filed by members of the city staff accused her of creating a hostile work environment.

Polizzotto had already been under investigation after an annual review of city expenses by the state Auditor uncovered questionable use of city-issued credit cards. Her contract was terminated by a unanimous vote of the council on Oct. 9.

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