Council to get an early start on interviews for vacant position

By Dan Aznoff | Feb 02, 2018

The Mill Creek City Council has scheduled its regular meeting for an hour earlier than normal with hopes of getting through interviews with the 16 residents who have applied to fill the vacant seat on the seven-person governing board.

The meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 6, is scheduled to begin a 5 p.m. with the intention of interviewing candidates for Position No. 1. Members of the council are optimistic that the council will select an individual to fulfill the vacancy on Tuesday and have that person sworn in before the council adjourns for the evening and “get back to conducting the business of governing the city.”

Mayor Pam Pruitt was a little more realistic.

“It could be a long night,” Pruitt said.

A total of 16 completed applications were submitted to Acting City Clerk Gina Pfister before 5 p.m. deadline on Thursday, Feb. 1.

The majority of the applications were turned in in the last few days of the filing period, according to Joni Kirk, communications and marketing director for the city.

“We had only three applications submitted at the beginning of the week,” Kirk said. “By mid-day on Thursday, that number was up to 13.”

The applicants, in alphabetical order, are:

1.  David Chapin
2.  Brad Craig
3.  Melissa Duque
4.  Joyce Eleanor
5.  Carmen Fisher
6.  Sandra Harris       
7.  Tyler Hogan        
8.  Drew Lippman    
9.  Herbie Martin      
10. Ross Maynard               
11. Mark Oostra                   
12. Luis Perry                       
13. John Steckler                 
14. Dennis Teschlog
15. Maija Tuomi                   
16. Stephanie Vignal

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