Graduation rates from Jackson described as “pretty amazing”

By Dan Aznoff | Feb 03, 2017

Officials with the Everett School District were proud to announce that the
graduation rates from high schools in the district surpassed the statewide figures
released by the Superintendent of Education.
Principal Dave Peters was downright jubilant to learn that the graduation rate
from Henry M. Jackson High School exceeded both the statewide and district averages.
The percentage of students who completed their studies at Jackson High last year were
almost 6 percent above the district average and more than 21 percent above the
average for high schools in Snohomish County.
“Of course we are proud of our students and of the extraordinary efforts of our
facility who not just help our students earn their diplomas, but work to be certain they
are prepared for college or whatever career they want to pursue,” said Peters.
He added that the graduation rate at Jackson has continued to improve every year for the past four years. The graduation rates were equally impressive for students at Jackson who graduated in four years as well as those who took five years to earn their diploma.
Figures released by the state last week indicate that graduation rates across
Washington increased from 78.1 percent in 2015 for the adjusted four-year rate to
79.1 percent. The state’s five-year graduation rate has jumped from 81.1 percent to
81.9 percent.
Numbers for the same period in Snohomish County indicate the four-year
graduation rate last year was 74.8 percent and the county’s five-year graduation rate
was 81.1 percent.
The rate for students who graduated from high schools in the Everett District in
four years rose from 90.2 percent in 2015 to 90.9 percent for the class of 2016. The
district-wide rate for students on the five-year graduation schedule improved to 94.7
“Pretty amazing, huh?” was all district spokesperson Diane Bradford could say when she pulled the Jackson numbers from the spreadsheets released by the state.
“Our goal is always graduating 100 percent of our students in the district,” said Bradford. “The rates for the district last year is better than 9 out of every 10 students.”
District Superintendent Gary Cohn was thrilled with the results of hard work by
students put in as well as the effort by everybody involved in the educational process.
“I continue to be proud of the work staff does to help support each-and-every student,” Cohn said when he reviewed the figures released by the state.
The percentage of students who graduated from the only public high school
within the Mill Creek city limits were an impressive 96.2 percent in 2016 for students
who graduated in four years, and an astonishing 98.4 percent for those who chose to
take five years.
Peters was quick to add that the graduation rate parallels the assessment test
scores at Jackson. Students at Jackson also continue to excel in Advanced Placement
testing, earning scores above the district and statewide averages.
-- -Dan Aznoff

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