Lawmaker praises unanimous support of bill on use of deadly force

Feb 01, 2019

Speaker Pro Tem John Lovick (D-Mill Creek) used his own background growing up in the South, and his experience as a law enforcement officer, to call for unified support legislation to refine the definition of the use of deadly force.

“I am encouraged by how Republican and Democratic lawmakers voted unanimously – 98-0 in the House – on legislation to strengthen and clarify the initiative on the use of deadly force,” Lovick said in a written statement.

Lovick issued the declaration in support of House Bill 1064 to strengthen the initiative on the use of measures used by police in critical situations.

“As a former county sheriff and state trooper, I know what it’s like to respond to an emergency and have to pull your weapon,” Lovick said. “As an African-American who grew up in Louisiana, I also know what it’s like when communities and local police don’t have a sense of trust.

“For this great American experiment in democracy to work, that sense of trust is absolutely vital.”

The former state trooper, Snohomish County Sheriff and mayor of Mill Creek emphasized that the proposed law would outline the steps law enforcement, community leaders, lawmakers, mental health advocates and civil rights organizations require to promote discussions and make tough decisions.

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