Marketing coordinator is excited to be part of the future of Mill Creek

Meredith Cook will commute while she settles into her new duties
By Dan Aznoff | Jun 21, 2019

The newest employee in City Hall will have plenty of time to plan her days while she commutes from the waterfront community of Gig Harbor to Mill Creek each morning.

Meredith Cook began her duties as the coordinator for Communications and Marketing on Wednesday, May 22. She and her husband, Austin Cook, hope to find a neighborhood in Mill Creek where they can settle down to raise their own family

Austin is an applied behavioral analysis therapist who works with children on the Autism spectrum.

Since her graduation from Central Washington University in Ellensburg in 2015, Meredith has utilized her degree in public relations to promote lifestyle brands and organize event management for a small firm in Seattle.

Now was the time for me to focus my energies on one mission that I can believe in,” she said with a smile. “The opportunity with Mill Creek provides me with a chance to grow and be part of something very special.”

She went on to describe her decision to move away from the only place she has ever called home.

“Mill Creek is a suburb of Seattle with its own unique character,” she explained. “It’s easy to understand why so many people have decided to call it home.”

She admitted that promoting the benefits of stormwater systems are not as glamorous as other products and services she supported in public relations, but she is exited about becoming part of solution to a problem many people do not realize is happening below their homes.

“We are being proactive,” she explained. “It is our job is to explain how the city staff has worked their butt off to eliminate a problem before it occurs.”

She is especially impressed with her new co-workers.

“We have all the best people. You can tell they are doing a good job because very few people have even noticed that there is a problem.”

In addition to her focus on what is happening below city streets, Meredith has been tasked with developing a working relationship with members of the media, producing effective press releases, website management and coordinating the city’s presence on social media.

In this new role here with the city Meredith will support all city initiatives by driving communication materials, social platforms, community event outreach, said Joni Kirk, the director of the Communications and Marketing Department.

“She will serve as a trusted communication link between the city and the people of Mill Creek.”



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