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Marriage has rejuvenated couple at senior community

By Dan Aznoff | Jun 14, 2018
Photo by: Dan Aznoff John Diamond flashes his signature smile whenever he is asked about his bride, Bev. The pair met while living at the Brookdale senior community on the Bothell-Everett Hwy. John had moved to Arizona, but suffered a series of medical issues while visiting his daughter in Mill Creek that made it impossible for him to live alone. Bev moved into Brookdale to recover from a series of injuries from falls in her home.

Bev and John Diamond have been married for more than 100 years, but not all of it to each other.

The couple knew they had a special bond when they began to meet for meals at the Brookdale senior community on the Bothell-Everett Hwy. John had been waiting for an opportunity to meet the attractive woman since the day he saw Bev walk past him in the lobby the day he moved into the residential facility.

The native of Everett had moved to Arizona, but was back in Mill Creek to visit his daughter in 2015 when he suffered three consecutive heart attacks and a stroke that left him unable to live alone. He moved into the Brookdale complex so he could recover under the watchful eye of his daughter.

It was his daughter who pushed John to make the first move.

“She asked me, ‘Who is this woman Bev you keep talking about?’” John remembered. “She insisted that I stop talking and make my move.”

John had lived in Everett for 80 years and been without his wife of 43 years for half of a decade. Besides the lovely companions, John remembers that every person who joined him at the table in the dining room that first day had been born in 1932.

“The therapists (at Brookdale) did a wonderful job to help me recuperate physically, but it was this lovely lady who helped me recover from my depression,” he said as he adjusted his cherished Washington State cougar ball cap. “We hit it off right away.”

He admitted that he does not do well as a bachelor.

Bev agreed, explaining that the couple shared the common experiences of being the children of immigrants and losing children. Bev lost two sons unexpectedly and John had a daughter who died tragically.

“We started as compassionate friends who had breakfast, lunch and dinner together everyday,” Bev said. “It was not long before we were close friends who relied on each other so we could laugh again.”

The relationship faced its biggest challenge when doctors told John he was well enough to move out and be on his own again. He wanted to move back to Arizona, but could not leave without Bev.

“I knew that I could not survive with Bev being 1,500 miles away,” John said with a sly smile. “That’s when asked her to marry me.” She sold her condo and the couple moved to Arizona to begin the next chapter of their lives.

Bev had been living alone in her Mill Creek home since her husband of 59 years had died two years earlier.  Doctors insisted she move into the assisted living facility after a series of falls left her with lingering injuries.

It did not take long for the lovebirds to discover that Bev had lived just a few doors away from John’s daughter. Since their marriage, the combined families have gotten together for to celebrate holidays and birthdays.

Like any newlyweds, John and Bev were nervous about their wedding night. After some hesitation they both got into bed and cuddled until the next morning.

“But was like we had been married to each other for 50 years,” John proclaimed.

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