Meet Local Author Jared McVay

Mariner Library
520 128th St. SW, Suites A9-10, Everett
Jul 08, 2017
2:00 PM

2 p.m. at the Mariner Library, (520 128th St. SW, Suites A9-10 in Everett). Born in 1940, in southeastern Kansas during a rebound from the great depression, Jared had a rough beginning. At the age of 14 he struck out to see what the world had to offer. He has worked as a cowboy, a jockey in quarter horse races, a rodeo rider, a rodeo clown, and more. Because of his broad experience, Jared has written several award-winning books, which include historical fiction, Western, action adventure, young adult and children's books. Meet Jared and listen to an excerpt from one of his books. More information: 425-423-9017.