Mill Creek’s own Mt. Polizzotto Volcano

Jun 15, 2018


Controversies over Mill Creek’s City manager are like ashes from a volcano. You can’t have one without the other.


Here are a few debating questions for we Mill Creekers will continue to pay attention to while discussions continue taking place around our city’s erupting volcano.

  • Is our city government better off being run without City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto’s questionable leadership or better off being run by Rebecca’s known abuse of power leadership skills?


  • Is it for the betterment of our city that our city council is letting our city manager, Rebecca Polizzotto to receive our tax money for reining over our city, yet she has not been in her office since April 24, 2018?


One a local newspaper posted unabashed pro-Polizzotto praise on our absent city manager for her “3-years accomplishments. She (Rebecca) has made significant progress in those short three years in addressing long term financial stability, facility, operational and personnel needs.”


I believed these partisan writers have glorified their Savor by leaving out long chapter after chapter of Rebecca’s toils which has caused the city councilpersons, city staff members, city residents… and herself major problems.


In support of having transparency in our local government, once again I will bring to light what those unquestioning advocate and crusading writers do not wish for the city voters to know about their beloved Saint Rebecca’s history.

Mayor Pam Pruitt wrote, “Rebecca is an asset to the city. The City Council will continue to invest in our ‘very best asset’, to describe Rebecca.

I have to challenge Pruitt’s statement that Rebecca is our “best asset”.


Rebecca is better than all our city workers who are everyday at their workstation and who are doing an outstanding service for our city?

Rebecca is better than all those residents who are and have spent hours upon hours volunteering in the free service to our city?

Then, with Pruitt and our elected official’s attitude are they not demeaning the real number one city best assets which are the residents of our city?

Are not the people of our nation, our state, our counties and our cities our best assets?

I further submit to my fellow residents that hopefully we will think about following factual information before we too drink our city council’s and some highly-bias writers highly artificially-sweated hypnotic Rebecca liquid.

Why has our city’s “very best asset” been away from her taxpayer paid for city hall office for more than six straight weeks; yet this best of best city employee was apparently spotted walking around and shopping at the large Home Base brick and mortar store?

Can a reasonable person assume our city councilpersons do not see this highly-overpaid small city manager as being needed at the office since our city ‘s very best asset does have the privilege when she is not out shopping to “work” at home?

A member of the city staff—who declined to be identified for fear of retribution confirmed with The Beacon that, “There is a 7 page list of pending projects and decisions that cannot be resolved without action from the city manager.”

So it appears our missing “very best asset’ is holding up many city workers and apparently our city’s smaller assets from doing their job.

Going into details which Rebecca’s’ choir wishes to keep from the public is that even though their city manager was accused of misappropriation of city funds she was only given as simple warning. Something to the effect, “Please Rebecca, we know we can get more tax money from the people but we still would appreciate it if you would not use our city’s moneys for your own personal gains.”

Now it has been months (yes months) ago when our city council was forewarned about their beloved city manager possible transgressions.

The council chamber was packed by a very large group of concerned city residents. In unison they asked our elected officials “Why weren’t the complaints after complaints of abuse of power alleged by city staff members not investigated by Rebecca’s six marionettes which were currently on the city council?”

It is pretty clear to me that alleged victim after victim who had an unencumbered tenure under prior city managers didn’t have their due process rights followed. This was due to the fact our council saw their best of best ever city manager as being the real victim and those baker’s dozen of “disgruntled employees” were clearly the problem. The pre-determined biased mindset our councilmembers did nothing which might have hurt their puppeteer.

Darn right for the good of our city we Mill Creekers must keep a vigil eye on our city council and on their precious “very best asset”. Because if we do not do so our city manager and our city leaders will continue to plummet hot ashes onto our city’s cherished name.

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