NOT SO GREEN  |  It's all coming apart

By Steven Keeler | Jul 19, 2017
Source: CorSSH Handbook


The team eventually identified a minor calibration that had been built into TOPEX/Poseidon's altimeter to correct any flaws in its data that might be caused by problems with the instrument, such as ageing electronic components. Nerem and his colleagues were not sure that the calibration was necessary — and when they removed it, measurements of sea-level rise in the satellite's early years aligned more closely with the tide-gauge data. The adjusted satellite data showed an increasing rate of sea-level rise over time.




This is “ science ” at its worst. They expect to see something so they look to see what they can change in the underlying data to show it. If the built-in calibration adjustment to the instruments had shown the rate increase in the first place then they’d not have needed to remove it.   Nor would they have done so.


Delayed Time , Corrected Sea Surface Height handbook


Also, see  Section  2.1.2  Selecting Valid Data  ( Page10 of Handbook )

"  Specific editing criteria are applied near the coasts ( 10 - 50 km )  ".


Oh, and further, by the way :

Earth’s surface water change over the past 30 years: ‘ Nature Climate Change ’ 8/2016

“ Earth’s surface gained 115,000 km2 of water and 173,000 km2 of land over the past 30 years, including 20,135 km2 of water and 33,700 km2 of land in coastal areas…”” We expected that the coast would start to retreat due to sea level rise, but the most surprising thing is that the coasts are growing all over the world,” said Dr Baart. ” ”


Mean Sea Level Trend - Tide gauge

9444090 Port Angeles, WA  Latitude  ( 48° 7.5' N  123° 26.5' W )


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