NOT SO GREEN  |  Schadenfreude

By Steven Keeler | Aug 06, 2017
Source: Unknown


Germany’s decision to nix nuclear was motivated partly by security concerns (not exactly a rational fear, considering nuclear’s safety and the relative lack of natural disaster threats that German reactors face), and partly by the long-held revulsion the environmental movement has held for the energy source. How ironic, then, that a phase-out so foundational to a green energy transition would end up increasing greenhouse gas emissions: nuclear power is a zero-emissions energy source, which means that unless every watt taken offline during this systematic shuttering is replaced by a similarly clean supplier, German emissions are going to rise.




New green mantra is ‘ we don't need no stinkin baseload ’ as somehow lots of interconnectors will make up the difference.  Re-hash of the ‘ wind is always blowing somewhere ’ myth.  Just ask the sierra club !



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