One million thank yous to Sen. Steve Hobbs

May 17, 2019

Our new city manager, Michael Ciaravino, is finally on board. I find him to be a good listener and very intelligent when responding to questions. Michael is also fiscally very responsible. Mill Creek’s future looks bright with Michael at the helm! Please give him a warm Mill Creek welcome.

Thank you to Drew Gorgey and Peckam & McKinney

Thank you to Peckam & McKinney and their recruiter, Drew Gorgey for finding such strong candidates for Mill Creek. After our recent history, staff leadership wanted the search postponed until later in November. A couple of council members were also concerned about the quality of the candidates that might be interested in coming to Mill Creek. Fortunately we pushed forward and were rewarded with six strong finalists, two who received job offers elsewhere before we could even interview them.

Thank you Drew and Peckam & McKinney for all your hard work that brought us strong finalists and Michael Ciaravino.

Hobbs does it again

The legislature completed its session on time and Sen. Steve Hobbs again delivered for Mill Creek.

I have been working with Sen. Hobbs for several years on the 35th Ave reconstruction project. Over those years, Hobbs has secured grants for the road project in the amount of $6.25 million. The final $1 million Steve included in his Transportation budget will be used for replacing the culverts under the road.

The road carries 15,000 vehicles per day through Mill Creek. This regional project became a city liability as the result of an earlier annexation.

Mill Creek became responsible for the entire cost of the reconstruction. To me, fixing the road was not optional although it was suggested that we just close the road when it flooded. Simply closing 35th would only have postponed the project and costs would have gone up.

Speaking only for myself, I saw it as a public safety issue.

Bottom line is Sen. Hobbs included the last $1million we needed in his transportation budget to pay for the culverts.

Thank you to Sen. Hobbs for all his efforts on Mill Creek’s behalf as well as the work he has done for his district.

City scores another grant

Looking at the capital budget that was passed by the legislature, Mill Creek secured $300,000 to help pay for the land use and sub area study we are beginning. Thank you to staff for their work to secure that grant.

Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony

Please come to Mill Creek’s Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 27, in Town Center. The theme this year is fittingly, “We will remember.” My Dad was a World War II veteran. It’s important to me that we remember those who gave their lives so that we can be free.

City staff has recommended the parade be replaced with a week of festivities like Finance Day, Health Day and a parade celebrating other cultures.

This may be Mill Creek’s last Memorial Day Parade so please come.

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