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Sponsored Brief: Why are kids getting orthodontics earlier?

Mar 01, 2019

It's usually best to tackle jaw development issues when your child has lots of growth remaining.  Think of your child's mouth in three dimensions (width, height, depth).

Width issues include posterior crossbites.  Height includes deep overbites and open bites.  And depth includes under bites and large overjets.

Your child will enjoy a better and more stable long-term result with managing these early.

Habits (like thumb sucking) should not be delayed.  Teeth position can also contribute to dental and gum injuries.

Finally, sometimes a short and simple orthodontic treatment can significantly improve a child's smile and boost their self confidence.  We at Stellar Kids Dentistry are pros at assessing and monitoring your child's growth and development.   Schedule an appointment and we would love to chat!

Check us out at stellarkids.com or 425-381-4990.

- Paul Kahlon, DMD

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