The silence of Mill Creek’s leaders speaks loudly

Jan 18, 2018

The front page story in the Sept. 15, 2017 issue of the Mill Creek Beacon issued the proclamation “Councilmember (sic) Sean Kelly may have to resign seat.”

The publisher, Paul Archipley, went on to write: “Problem is, Kelly no longer lives in Mill Creek’ and Kelly did confirm to the Beacon he was in fact living in the City of Snohomish. This being the case, Kelly was no longer a citizen of Mill Creek, therefore he could not be a member of the city council.

But did this revelation apparently did not stop voters from voting for an illegal candidate. The emphatic answer is “NO!” And due to the Mill Creek voters dismissal opf what the The Beacon had disclosed, this non-resident won his bid for re-election by an overwhelming majority. This shamefully happened even though the voters in Mill Creel knew Kelly was not legally eligible to run

It was our local Beacon that broke the story.  This story was picked up by The Daily Herald, the online News of Mill Creek. Several Mill Creek residents follow up letters to those media outlets that really kept this story in the news.

The obvious question was: What did City Manager Rebecca Polizzotto and the six remaining members of the city council have to say about this illegal action by a member of the city’s “family”?

Our city’s check and balance went completely silent when confronted by a member of the “family.” Not a word came from the lips of our so-called city protectors.  To this day we still do not know why the tax-paid city leaders are still mum on why they were stone silent during this election period.

While I was attending the city council meeting on Jan. 9 where County Councilperson Terry Ryan praised Rebecca, for her “outstanding work”. Which included Rebecca calling Mr. Ryan back as fast as possible when he wanted to talk with our city manager.

Then to continue my observations, Mr. Ryan bent over backwards to let our other city governing bodies and the five or six people in the audience know our city is lucky to have Rebecca as our city manager. Then Ryan added that those people who criticize her are flatly wrong for doing so.

Now what is this all about? Terry is a Mill Creek resident who is apparently unbendingly supporting all of our municipal maestros who are trying to keep any of Sean Kelly’s illegal actions sealed.

To protect not only the dignity of the voting process, but our city’s (his city’s) image, Terry should be calling for the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office (PAO) to not only investigate how our manager and our council let this happen.  He should be pushing the PAO to investigate if Kelly voted here and violated this and any of our other voter laws.

To my knowledge, Mr. Ryan has not done so and this leads me to wonder if he too is in cahoots with our city council leaders’ silence treatment. Thus his silence falls in line with helping our city leaders and himself from being legally called on the carpet?

It can be further argued since Mayor Pam Pruitt, works as Terry’s administrative assistant and she was one of our city councilpersons who helped to hire Rebecca is a reason Ryan is so supportive of Polizzotto.

When one adds that Ryan has total loyalty to his Snohomish County subordinate helps to explain why Terry is so reluctant to call for an investigation into our city’s “Kellygate” fiasco?

But unlike those who are supporting “closed door” government; gratefully we have a least two out spoken citizens who continue to fight for open and transparent governing. Two of those strong and long-term Mill Creek activist are Kathy Neilson and former council candidate Herbie Martin.

Of course, these are my opinions. But I am more than willing to publicly express my views not only to support our ex-city councilperson (Kathy) and community activist Herbie’s serious concerns but also to keep this plight in the news so all our residents can become aware of what can be going on inside our own city hall.

I am further expressing my views to support all of our citizens who are demanding that our city leaders, and maybe now our county council representative, stop their shenanigans. They must direct their energies in serving not themselves but begin their task of serving “We the People”!

We are honored to have citizen activist in the likes of Nielson and Martin. These two individuals not only believe in our open democratic governmental processes and the rules of ethical behavior, but they are willing to use their energy to make sure our governing bodies do in fact practice these cherished values!

Darn right our gratitude and thanks go out to you Kathy and to you, Herbie!

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